The next wave of NFT art

KULTGANG is an experience based digital art movement of artists and art connoisseurs

Our Manifesto

In KultGang, we celebrate the diversity of ART from communities to Artists.
In an NFT space of projects promising utilities, we believe that ART can serve as the biggest UTILITY for the NFT space.

This is the core fundamental of KULTGANG

INSPIRED by the philosophy behind Anna Chromy work called “Cloak of Conscience”,
KULT GANG appeals to the notion that the highest order of all creation is Conscience.

💀 Each NFT series comes with an expansion pack of Mintable NFTs including music album and artworks
💀 Private Virtual Chamber to showcase your NFTs!
💀 Public NFT Art Gallery & Members Only gallery showcasing our partner NFTs
💀 Royalties support Resident Artists and Partners’ projects.
💀 Support the KULT and join the community

Kult Gang Logo showcasing a hooded figure
First Collection

Journey to Light

This collection of 3333 NFTs comes with three unique series, which narrates the path on the Journey to Light.

Each series will introduce an expansion pack that will expand on the theme and philosophy behind the artwork such as soundtrack, 3D visuals and various other enhanced sensory experiences. Holders of SERIES UNO will hold advantages to launch of the next series releases.

SERIES UNO: Seven Deadly Sins is KULT GANG’s artistic representation and personification of centuries old Christian tradition on the Seven deadly sins.

Inspired by the book of Praktikos, by  Evagrius Ponticus (345‒399), a Christian monk, who classified thoughts that entice humans into doing evil, thus preventing them access to the Kingdom of God.

SERIES DOS : Horsemen of Apocalypse – 2222 Unique NFTs
SERIES TRES : Coming soon – 2222 Unique NFTs

Series Dos Poster
Series Tres banner

Path to enlightenment

In KULTGANG, We believe in the vision of establishing ART as the utility of NFT. Our mission is to bridge the relationship between Artists and Art Connoisseur.

Pre Mint
THe beginning
  • Community Building
  • Establishing the Alliance of Artists and NFT projects
  • creating the awareness about the brand through Twitter Spaces and various social media channels
Private mint
7th of May
Series Uno: private
  • Seven Deadly Sins is ready for private mint
  • Limited to 300 WL Holders
  • Special Mint Price List:
    • Tier 1 = 0.06 ETH
    • Tier 2 = 0.07 ETH
Public mint
8th of May
Series Uno: Public
  • Mint price 0.08 ETH
Art comissioning
  • 25% of the secondary royalities will be used to comission art
  • Kult Gang will be working with various artists from the Alliance to comission artworks
  • This will be the foundation for the upcoming expansion pack
Expansion pack
Experiential Expansion pack
  • Experiential expansion Pack is released for SSeven Deadly Sins NFT holders
  • This includes the Ascension Chamber which will contain verious other NFT art pieces and a music album
project alliance
Supporting nft projects alliance
  • 25% of the secondary royalities will be used to sweep the floor of the alliance art projects
  • we will also be allocating funds to purcase artwork which will be included in the Kult Vault
Kult vault
Launch of the kult vault
  • Kult Vault will be an event based gallery that will only be open on special occasions
  • we will announce the details of the second series
Launch of Series Dos
Series Dos
  • Launch of second series

Official Partner

Goods Da Animal profile picture

Goodz Da Animal

Goodz Da Animal is one of the world’s most popular battle rappers Born in the birthplace of Hip-Hop, Bronx NY. This emcee balances lyricism with an uncommon cool that challenges the typical aggression associate with rap music.

The leader of the Grown Man Bars (GMB) movement, Goodz is an influencer that has inspired legions of new of new rappers to pick up the mic and battle.

Goodz will be working alongside the KULTGANG team on supporting the Art Culture.


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Mullet Babies logo from their NFT collection


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Main Street Monkey Monkeys logo, ape with halo

Main Street Money Monkeys

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Project PolygonApes



Canadian Crypto Junkie profile picture with a monkey and a banana

canadian crypto junkie


AI-Human Art Collective

Cowtown profile picture featuring her NFTs

Cow Town

Romans profile picture from his NFT collection

Roman Guillermo

Connie Baklshi profile picture generated by AI

Connie Bakshi

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Tyler Foust Profile Picture, white skull on black

Tyler Foust

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Sayyid Zanna

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Babylon 6 Profile Picture - AI Generative Art

Babylon 6

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Yannissa x

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Eternal Zombies

SuperVerseAi Chief


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Founder - Destr0

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Operations - GrizzOwl

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Advisor - ch0sen

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Community - Nekro

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Community - Nyx

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Outreach - Phixx

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Outreach - Yer Blackness

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Moderator - Meow


Creative - Phisto


Tier 1 Whitelist (0.06ETH)
Tier 2 Whitelist (0.07ETH)
Public Mint (0.08ETH)
The first series comes with 7 experience classes
(Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride).
Each experience class comes with an expansion pack with access to limited Mintable NFTs including music albums and artworks, alongside a Virtual Ascension Chamber to view your NFTs.

We have implemented the Kult Gang Alliance Program that aims to build and support our community of fellow artists that belong to the program. Not only do we Promote our Alliance artists across our social medias giving them access to a growing community of art lovers, we also plan to use a portion of our secondary sales royalties to buy collections/sweep floors based on community feedback, we will also get the community involved to vote/pick an artist for us to commission artworks from.